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Business Philosophy

Pursuing excellence and winning respect has always been the business philosophy ofGUANGDONG BRIDGEScience and Technology, and the highest guiding principle of the company's management. All employees of the company work hard on the foundry land in China, persist in improving customer satisfaction and the level of foundry machinery industry as the goal, with a high standard and convenient service. As well as high-quality, adhere to "make good use of resources, service construction, in constant self-motivation and efforts to innovate, to pursue excellence, not only at home, but also at the international level to win respect from all walks of life.


Over the years, as a global tool machinery industry, iron and steel castings, casting machinery manufacturing, precision casting, clay sand casting technology, machinery and equipment sales and operation of our own products and technology export business and the enterprise needs machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials and technology import business. Long-term and trustworthy, important brand in technology and service.

Social responsibility

The core values of innovation, performance, harmony and responsibility advocate the code of conduct of "reverence, gratitude, courtesy and appropriateness". In line with the principle of "enterprise is human, enterprise depends on human and enterprise is human", we should actively build the three forces of "generosity, tolerance, relaxation of environment and centripetal force, affinity and cohesion". cultural environment

Why you choose BRIDGE ?

(1) More than ten years'experience in foundry machinery

(2) Integrated services: General industrial machinery components, design, manufacturing, heat treatment, spraying and other aspects have rich theoretical and practical experience.

(3) Low price and high quality

(4) customize according to different products

(5) Short delivery time

(6) Online instant after-sales service

(7) Its effect, performance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, and other aspects of technology and performance have achieved very good results.


When you buy from us,you are getting equipment that’s made in-house by a professional team that dedicated to design and produce reliable and stable machines.We value our customers and strive to provide the best assistance.In-house manufacturing means you’ll get your products and services quickly,and if there’s a problem,we’ll respond as fast as possible!

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